Fits on a hitch or can be built into the cabin… The Right Fuel… The Best Solution.

8000 Watts of Quiet Convenient Continuous Diesel Power

* Designed to run off of the diesel from the fuel tank of your Mercedes Sprinter, Truck or Van *


If you already have a diesel fuel tank on your vehicle, our 8kw Diesel Generator may be just what you’ve been looking for. The PowerTech 3kw diesel generator can power ACs, heaters, pumps, refrigerators, TVs and electronics, work tools, and more.

Why Diesel and What Are the Benefits?

We are glad you asked!

The Answer:

Because your Mercedes Sprinter (or similar vehicle) already has diesel onboard and uses diesel to run!

Diesel contains 20% more energy than gasoline by volume and far more energy than propane.  This means the amount of fuel you need to continuously power your generator is very small when compared to other fuels.

Since this high quality Power Tech generator fuels itself by drawing diesel directly from the vehicle’s diesel tank, you never have the hassle of refueling your generator or carrying other fuels to power a generator!

Running your Power Tech 8kw generator rather than your Vehicle’s engine uses less fuel and will make your motor ultimately last longer!

This generator also will not affect your vehicle’s warranty.  The Powertech 8kw diesel generator was designed to be compatible with your Sprinter, however cannot fit under the chassis.

Additional information on Power Tech Generators may be found on their website at:

Download a cut-sheet for our most popular 3kw diesel generator that fits beneath the chassis of most trucks and vans.  In this cut sheet you will be able to find dimensions and specifications for this generator.  For information on other PowerTech generators, please send an email to